Akdong Musician Releases Teaser Photos, Video, and Tracklist for Their Debut Album ‘Play’!

YG next queued artist is Akdong Musician. Sorry, Winner’s fans, maybe next month. Akdong Musicians are going with the fantasy concept and debuting with a full album! Come check it out what they have in store for us.

akdong-musician_1396275153_af_orgJeez, Winner’s fans are having it rough this year. They were supposed to debut ages ago! Well, in February, but 2NE1 took that month. Great decision on YG’s part, but I expected to see them next in YG’s queued up artists to debut/comeback list. *Wow, that’s a mouth full* I guess that’s not the case. I don’t know much about Akdong Musician, forgive me, but I know it’s not the typical YG hip hop style, so I’m anticipating them. I mean I love Lee Hi and Winner has my interest, too, so I believe that I will like this duo. *Knocks on wood* As you guys wait for their debut MV that will be released April 7th, check out the teasers!

akdong-musician_1396333905_af_org akdong-musician_1396417063_af_org



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