[UPDATED] EXO Hints Comeback With EXO Teaser Photos!

Exo is coming back! It’s an announcement that all Exotics love to hear after that 2012 fiasco. What style are they coming back with and when will the MV be released? All that here!

EXO_1396312480_af_orgIt’s been awhile since we’ve heard of EXO. *Sarcasm* That’s a joke by the way. EXO have been really active since their mega hit “Growl” and I literally mean active everywhere. I guess it’s to the point that some people are sick and tired of seeing them. Hey, I’m just saying what I’ve been seeing. Even though I haven’t been posting news, doesn’t mean that I don’t keep up to date with what’s going on, and believe or not K-pop fans’ reactions to certain groups is news. Anyways, there’s no news on what concept they’ll be doing this comeback, but the teaser photos suggest something mature. Well, that’s what I’m getting from the teaser photos. April 15th is when EXO will have their ‘EXO Comeback Showcase’, so some lucky fans will see their new track before the public. Though, I believe that the MV will also be released this day, too. I’ll be patiently waiting for more details as more teaser photos will be released.

Tao_1396481991_20140403_exo EXO-EXO-K-EXO-M-Kai-Luhan_1396396434_af_org EXO-EXO-K-EXO-M-Sehun-Tao_1396481978_af_org Luhan_1396396453_20140403_exo1


Xiumin_1396746573_20140405_exo_xiumin Chen_1396828489_20140406_exo EXO-Baekhyun-Chen_1396828477_af_org EXO-EXO-K-EXO-M-Chanyeol-Kris_1396661099_af_org EXO-EXO-K-EXO-M-DO-Lay_1396570692_af_org EXO-Suho-Xiumin_1396746567_af_org Kris_1396661180_20140405_exo Lay_1396570497_lay

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