[UPDATE] Infinite to Release “The Origins” and to Have Comeback in April + Releases ‘BTD’ Instrumental MV!

Infinite is doing something that no other Korean artists have done before. Be prepared to spend some dough on this three part album!

INFINITE_1396400588_af_orgInfinite is really uping the game right now. I mean after their world tour, they did an encore concert, a reality show, L’s in a drama, Hoya doing something in variety, Woohyun’s duet with Key, the announcement of the new subunit Infinite F, and now they’re releasing an instrumental album? That’s a lot and it’s only the fourth month of the year! Oh, wait I forgot that they’ll be coming back at the end of April. Yeah, if people are complaining about B.A.P overworking themselves then fans need to hop on Infinite’s case. Seriously.

INFINITE-Wallpaper-infinite-32421287-1280-800As I said before, Infinite is releasing an instrumental album and no Korean artists have done this before.On top of that, this album will consist of three part, white cd, black cd, and gold cd. Each cd will have 10 tracks on them, so in total you will have 30 tracks on this album. Each color represents different feel of Infinite. White = Ballads. Black = Powerful tracks. Gold = Signature dance tracks. Can’t you hear the K-pop figure skaters rejoice? I can. (Sorry, still in Winter Olympics mood). The album will be released April 10th, but if you cannot wait to buy it you can pre-order it now.


Infinite just released their instrumental version of “BTD” MV! Question: Did they know that they were going to do an instrumental version of “BTD” or did they dye their hair back to their “BTD” era? I’m so confused on that part. That’s planning AHEAD if they didn’t re-dye their hair. Check out the MV!


One thought on “[UPDATE] Infinite to Release “The Origins” and to Have Comeback in April + Releases ‘BTD’ Instrumental MV!

  1. About your question: This is just my guessing but I would say they did complete drama version for the song and it just wasn’t released then they mixed it with the dance. Now for bringing out the instrumental version those shots came handy as majority of the parts is unseen (at least I can`t recall all of the scenes from drama version).
    Since BTD came out in 2011 it`s hard to say if they planned this or not, its quit a lot of time apart. But once the material is already there it`s not hard to make use of it, planed or not the day they shot it.
    And if those 3 albums should have songs from past should be easy to fill them, since they brought out more then enough songs in the last few years and only title tracks had instrumentals on album.

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