[OPINION POST] EXO’s ‘Overdose’ Leaked?

Let me be surprise for a moment…nope not working. EXO’s new song ‘Overdose’ (and dance practice video) was leaked. Who leaked it and what is SM doing about it. All that here and check out the title, it’s a opinion post.


You know, I think I’ll be writing a post like this every comeback with EXO because it tend to happen EVERY…comeback. This will not be a long post because seriously there’s only one person to blame for all of this. I mean, how can EXO’s songs be leaked EVERY comeback? How? What fan has access to SM Entertainment to get the files? Why are the files poorly protected if it was a fan who accessed it? It just doesn’t make sense on how the fans, or whoever stole it who’s not from SM, have access to the file. This just leads me to believe that SM has something to do with it. Yes, an unpopular opinion here, but c’mon their big hit idol group’s music is being leaked. Who in the world would allow that? I call…

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But SM did something…extraordinary and they are going to take legal action for the leaking of “Overdose”. Word? Wait, before I put my two cents in it, here’s what they said:

“The relevant video was filmed for the broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘ while the music is not the completed version.  Currently, we are taking measures to delete the illegally circulated video and are figuring out the details regarding this illegal leak.

We immediately requested an investigation and will take a course of action through criminal prosecution and a claim for damages in order for the criminal to take strict legal responsibility for illicitly publishing and circulating the relevant video.  

For this reason, the company will firmly take action against any similar cyber crimes as illegal circulation is a serious, unlawful action that violates copyrights. We give this warning and request that you refrain from posting the second or third round, circulating, or doing similar unlawful actions hereafter.”


Where was this statement when “Wolf” and “Growl” was leaked? I just don’t understand. I feel as if SM took action a lot sooner than now then the problem would PROBABLY be resolved. I said probably because seriously this has happened every comeback since “Wolf” and somehow I feel as if this statement will have little effect. I bet your asking, “Then what’s the point?” The point is that, yes press charges on the person who leaked it, but have tighter security on your files. That’s the only thing that will keep them from leaking the song/video…that is if they have a hacker as a fan, but that’s the only way. Some of EXO’s fans have not learned their lesson from previous incidents, so what do you think filing legal charges would do? Yes, one person will be charged, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen again, so that’s why I think a tighter security on the files would be the way to go.

What do you guys think about “Overdose” being leaked?

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