SECRET’s Hyosung to Debut Solo in May

Hyosung is next to make her solo debut from SECRET. When will she debut and what concept will she do? No people, she will not be in lingerie! Perverts~

SECRET-Hyosung_1385942633_af_orgThis is shocking news coming out from TS Entertainment. Not that I have a problem with Hyosung debuting solo, but I thought that they would have focused on the whole group instead of just a member in their next activity. Well, I guess that’s not the case. I think many people believe that Hyosung will do a sexy concept. I mean, judging from her lingerie endorsements, ┬áprevious hit title tracks like Poison, and just the fans’ want for a sexy concept from ANY member of SECRET, I don’t think they’re far off. This is the year that girl groups are pushing the sexy envelope to the extreme, so one more artist wouldn’t hurt. TS did not mention what concept she’ll be doing (no surprise there), but what concept do you think she’ll be doing for her solo debut?

Look out for Hyosung’s solo debut in May! May 12 to be exact!


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