[UPDATED] EXO Releases ‘Overdose’ MV and Mini Album + My Impression of the Album!

The wait is over. It wasn’t too long of a wait compare to “Wolf”, right? No disagreements! Question is, did “Overdose” live up to “Growl”? 


I guess I’ll make my reappearance to my blog after three weeks of not blogging. I’m sorry you guys, it’s been too long since I’ve blogged on here, but taken the incident that happened in S.Korea, it was a good time to take a break. Even though the ferry incident is still going on, EXO, I mean SM decided to release “Overdose”. Whether it’s a good thing or not, I can’t wait to see the MV along with listening to their album. EXO’s album has always been great, I mean check out the awards they won last year,  and I feel this album will be the same. An all-kill worthy album. In fact, they already achieved an all-kill. Of course, I’m blogging at my school since WordPress doesn’t work at my hotel, but I’ll be doing my reaction video and also listen to the album when I get back home…to the hotel. YouTube works at the hotel. Thank the Lord. So while you guys wait for all of that, if you haven’t check out the MV or listen to the album, check it out.

My Reaction 



Wow, the start of the song! *Applause* Sensual songs are becoming a thing in these albums now huh? The harmony of their voices…no words. They’ve always been good in this department. I may not like a lot of EXO’s songs, (I think out of a lot of songs they have, I only have 3 songs on my phone), but it’s songs like this that are on my phone. So, of course I’m going to download it. I don’t what else to say about this song. It’s that R&B song that needs to make a comeback into K-pop. I think because of the change of what’s popular, most k-pop groups want to stick with the same concept and R&B isn’t the concept, so I’m happy to see this song on their album.


Please, don’t disappoint me EXO! Not after “Moonlight”! In the first 45 seconds, it’s not hooking me. It’s still has that R&B feel, but I just don’t know why it’s not hooking me. This song kind of it reminds me of Usher’s 8701 album. Hopefully, somebody can agree with me. Well, have you guys heard that album? It’s kind of old, but this song reminds me of that album, and I liked that album, but I just don’t like this song. Sorry, Exotics.


Party song? An anthem song? This is a song to get you hype at the concert, not when you’re sitting in a computer lab at school because I’m not getting hype. Hold up, wait, I’m not saying it’s a bad song, I believe it’s better than “Thunder”, but I think will take another listen. Maybe about 3 listens to completely like it. The beat is saving this song because like I said it’s a song to get you hype. I think if I saw EXO live then it would hit me, but not right now.

Love, Love, Love

I bet the last song is a ballad. Dang, I was wrong. This is unusual. Usually, EXO’s albums ends with a ballad, but I’m not complaining. This song is where it’s at! Where’s Aang when you need him? They’re naming off the elements! They should just release a R&B concept because they’re voices fit that concept the best, but I’m all for experimenting. I stan B.A.P, so yeah. Their voices just harmonizes well with each other when they do this type concept, and that’s excluding “My Turn to Cry”. That’s my sh…jam and it’s a ballad, so I just don’t want them to stick with one concept, they can explore, just do something that will make their voices harmonize with each other.

What do you think of the album? Was it worth the wait?



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