G.NA Releases MV Teaser of ‘G.NA’s Secret’

I feel a cat fight is approaching on the 12th of May. No worries I won’t start anything here. I promise! While Hyosung’s concept is sexy and mature, G.NA is coming back with a cute concept. Check out the teaser!

GNA_1397485685_af_orgDespite her album being called “Pretty Lingerie”, she has a pretty lighthearted concept. It’s super cute, and you guys know how I feel about super cute concepts. If you don’t know, this gif will sum it up.


It’s not my cup of tea, but I won’t judge it until the MV drops. “Oops” was kind of cutesy and I enjoyed the song, so I might just so happen to like this song, too. What I meant when I said that a cat fight is approaching, is that Hyosung is also releasing her song that day, too. They have a connection! G.NA’s Secret? Well, Hyosung is from SECRET! A lame connection, but I felt as if I needed to write that. Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote something lame on here. With that out the way, check out the super, and I mean super, cutesy MV Teaser!


One thought on “G.NA Releases MV Teaser of ‘G.NA’s Secret’

  1. rjamesd9 says:

    GNA doing cute concept is a waste of her “resources”.

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