SECRET’s Hyosung Releases ‘Goodnight Kiss’ MV Teaser!

Let the extreme comeback month of May begin! Well it started with EXO, but Hyosung is next up on the comeback list with her solo debut! Is it a concept that secrettimes wanted? I guess you have to check out the teaser to find out.

SECRET-Hyosung_1398993380_af_orgI don’t know about you all, but I feel as if this track will be thee (I meant to spell it like that) bomb. You can tell that I just looked at the teaser, right? It has everything that most K-pop fans want from SECRET and that’s a sexy mature concept. As I said before, with the image that she set out in previous tracks and the endorsement deal she has, it’ll be stupid for TS to debut Hyosung with a cute concept. That move  would have damaged TS’, what’s a word, devotion…to SECRET? We all know that some K-pop fans believe that TS’ attention is solely on B.A.P and that TS “doesn’t” care about SECRET anymore. I cannot defend TS on the matter because, to me, it’s somewhat true, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that they don’t care about them. Hold up, let me stop while I’m ahead. She has a teaser out and we all should just look at it and wait patiently for the MV. What I can’t wait for is the main dude that she’ll be kissing then be jealous of her. The MV will be out on the 12th of May along with her mini album!

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