[BREAKING] EXO’s Kris Files Lawsuit to Nullify Contract with SM Entertainment!

Okay? What? Totally left field news here. What’s going? Is it true and what did SM say about this situation? All that here with my opinions. Come get the deets.

EXO-EXO-K-EXO-M-Chanyeol-Kris_1396661099_af_orgCan somebody please tell me what the hell is going on? Yes this post will have a few choice words here because, like I said, this news has blindsided the K-pop community. Seriously, this is big news that I’ve decided to blog at 2 in the morning. This is also a serious problem taken how they are promoting “Overdose” at the moment. I’m not into EXO like that, but Kris is one of the most popular members in EXO and EXO is the new money maker at SM, so I’m just wondering what led to this moment where he wants to end his contract with SM. But here’s what’s going on at the moment:

Exo AirportThe Korean media outlet discovered about Kris wanting to nullify his contract by Chinese media outlet. I don’t know much about the incident that involved Super Junior’s Hangeng, but Kris’ situation is similar to Hangeng’s situation. Mainly, there’s just a disagreement between SM Ent. and Kris regarding his activities. Of course there were those who didn’t believe that Kris filed suit of the nullification of his contract, since there were no records of him doing so in S.Korea, but 10Asia has spoken to the court and discovered that it is true. Here’s their statement:

“A suit regarding the termination of the contract has been submitted under Kris’s Chinese name on the 15th… As it has just been submitted today, it has not been completely processed through the system.” 

tumblr_m8qs4x7fK71qk7jgbSM Entertainment did not provide a statement when this story broke, of course to find out if it’s true or not, but since there are photos of Kris’ submission, SM released a statement. Here’s what they said:

 “We are trying to confirm the facts regarding the lawsuit requesting for the termination of Kris’ contract. It is a very shocking issue, but we will do our best so that EXO’s activities will go on smoothly.”

222Upon the fourth update, the lawyer who handled Super Junior’s Hangeng’s case, will be handing Kris’ lawsuit against SM. Here’s what the law firm rep said:

“It is true Kris has filed a suit today (15th) against SM Entertainment for the nullification of his contract… Lawyer Cho Bum Suk, who represented Hangeng, has picked up this case.”

I don’t know why I keep saying of course, but of course the law firm will try to handle this case quietly without revealing too much to the public.

My Opinion

tumblr_m6gi4hpTS71qjx62bI literally do not know what’s going on here. I’m confused on the why he wants to nullify his contract. First of all, I know it’s none of my business to know why he’s doing it, but you have to understand that his group just recently released an album and is currently promoting a song. Why would he file suit now when he’s promoting? That’s one of the things that’s confusing me. Did something happen on this comeback where he suddenly wants to end his contract or did he have it planned, but the lawyers decided to act now? You know there’s a lot of questions that I don’t believe will get answered by him or SM. Everybody right now is just speculating why he’s doing it and what’ll happen to EXO if Kris isn’t there.

tumblr_m8temzVNv11rpomh9To me, I don’t think this will damage EXO’s popularity, I mean look at Super Junior, though I believe that there will be some type of damage to the group. I think this news will affect the Exotics more so than EXO’s popularity. We all know how the Exotics are when it comes to EXO, so I think they’ll be hurt the most, along with the members who trained along side him, with Kris nullifying his contract. But you know what’s ironic? A lot of people speculated that one member of EXO will leave the group and apparently they were right. I don’t know how I completely feel about Kris nullifying his contract, but I wish for the best for Kris. If he’s unhappy with SM and how they’re handling his activities then he should be able to leave. I hope fans, and non Exotics, will respect his wishes to leave SM and not cause any more problems.

Kris Fighting!

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Source: AllKpop 

One thought on “[BREAKING] EXO’s Kris Files Lawsuit to Nullify Contract with SM Entertainment!

  1. Nyasha says:

    Great post by the way! Anyways I do not care for EXO but this drama is quite entertaining to me because some of the fans irritate me and I wonder how the fans would deal with a situation like this. As a fan of DBSK and 2PM, going through stuff like this is nothing new and I wonder how it will be resolved. It reflects 2PM and Jay Park with this whole isolation and not speaking to the other party. Things are repeating I can say it now. Super Junior fans feel this is nothing new too.

    This OT11 vs. Kris fans just shows how it’s a repeat of the 2PM vs. Jay Park fans back in the day. I wonder how this will resolve though. The 3rd SM lawsuit and it’s bound to change the group’s future from now. I think their popularity will slow down (in terms of crazy crazy fans but then it depends).

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