SECRET’s Hyosung Debuts with ‘Goodnight Kiss’ MV + TOP SECRET Mini Album

SECRET’s Hyosung debuts with a sexy mature concept with her single “Goodnight Kiss”! What exactly are you waiting for? Come check out the concept that most fans were waiting for from Hyosung!

SECRET-Hyosung_1398993380_af_orgIt’s time to add another sexy concept from a girl idol this year to the list, but it’s Hyosung! C’mon, I think she deserves a pass right? No, I’m totally not being bias here since she’s from TS Entertainment, but I think sexy concepts are meant for idols who knows how to be sexy without completely trying. It have to be natural is what I’m saying, but I can’t pass Hyosung, yet. I haven’t seen the MV yet, and I will be doing so tomorrow, er, today. So until then, if you haven’t, go check out the MV and her mini album!

My Reaction


I Hate Night Time

I Don’t Know Women

What do you guys think of her solo debut?


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