EXO’s Members’ Tao and Suho Speaks on Kris’ Nullifying Contract

I think this situation took a turn for the worst. What did they say? Is it supportive message or no? Did SM make them write and say what they said? Get all that juicy information here and my NON bias opinion.

Exo Airport

Jeez man. I’m not a devoted fan to EXO and my hearts breaks for them, mostly Kris, but EXO is also having it rough right now. As of now, we know why Kris is filing this lawsuit and it because he felt as if SM treated him like an object. That SM confirmed schedules and activities without his consent and without concerning his health. Now, this information wasn’t released by Kris’ lawyers or SM (of course), but this is literally turning for the worst. There must be some truth to this because we kind of knew that EXO was being worked (I wouldn’t say overworked), but we saw them everywhere last year after the success of “Growl”. Though, this new information wasn’t the news that broke my heart. What broke my heart was the comments that EXO’s Tao and Suho said pertaining Kris’ nullification. I’ll post my opinions on both comments after posting their statement. Here’s what Suho said to Osen:EXO-Suho-Xiumin_1396746567_af_org

“All the members had a conversation. We don’t understand Kris’ actions at all. Everyone was caught off-guard and has mixed feelings.  I think Kris’ actions are irresponsible and show that he’s not thinking about EXO at all. Our members and agency have no issues. What Kris needs to do right now is take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company.”

Suho also had a few choice words when accepting the trophy at M! Countdown when “Overdose” won this week. Here’s he accepting speech:

“Thank you for the big award. Thank you to all the people who love us. It’s Teacher’s Day, so I want to thank Lee Soo Man sunsaengnim. We won’t forget this blessing. I sincerely love the EXO members. Our motto is, ‘We are one,’ and like the motto says we’ll become an EXO that think about EXO and our fans instead of just our individual selves. We’ll work hard. Thank you. We are one. EXO, I love you.”

My Opinionbang

I understand that all the members of EXO are hurt and blindsided by the news, but to go as far to say that he should, “take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company,” is going a bit far. Yes, apologize to the members, but to apologize to the company and take back the lawsuit is what Suho should NOT demand from Kris. There’s probably a reason that he did not tell you about the lawsuit. Taken how most of EXO’s members are in the palm of SM’s hand, I think it was the right choice. If you believe that Suho’s words are being controlled by SM (which it’s a possibility) then why in the world would Kris tell his members about the lawsuit? I think they would have tried to change his mind about it, but to me, if they’re as close as people make them out to be,  then Kris could have told SOMEBODY about this decision. Seriously. As for the speech, I don’t have much to say on it. I feel as if this speech was a jab to Kris. I do think that they’re (whoever they are) trying to turn Kris into a bad guy and I don’t like. I don’t like how SM is treating Kris after what he’s done for the group and the company. Now, onward to Tao’s outburst.

EXO-EXO-K-EXO-M-Sehun-Tao_1396481978_af_org“The road is long, and no one can decide where you want to go. The public will always be left in the dark, but it might be that the public will side with who is in the minority. However that’s not the truth. Only those who have experienced the truth are able to understand, such as our 11 members and SM employees. To those on the outside, the right and wrong could be reflected oppositely. They probably won’t know what it feels like to be betrayed by another person and then to have everyone side with the person who has betrayed us. Everyone can have their own perspectives and opinions. However, the truth is pointing to what is right and wrong. We have a clear conscience. We can’t stop someone who wants to leave, and he kept this from us. As we were sweating and practicing hard for our concert, we learned that one wouldn’t be coming back. We have to restart preparations for the concert as 11 members. So tired. EXO, let’s love.”

My Opiniontumblr_mwurd8rbBf1swltolo1_400

Tao later confirmed on his Weibo account that this long post was indeed posted by him, so there’s no need to question whether it’s him or not. Another reason why we shouldn’t question this because Tao is known for speaking his mind on his Weibo account. We’ve seen it many times, so I somewhat do believe that this is genuinely Tao speaking his mind without ANY influences from SM. I believe Tao’s reaction is natural. Now if it’s right is another thing. I think Tao attacked both the speculators and Kris in his post. He doesn’t want us to side with Kris because he thinks that Kris betrayed EXO and thus Kris is in the wrong. I just don’t like it when people tell me what I should think. Especially, when they’re not providing ANY information to us to make us believe that Kris betrayed EXO and SM. You just cannot say that and expect me to side with you when you don’t give me the information that I need to know to make the correct judgment. It’s not right, if he wants to talk about right and wrong. I don’t think Kris is in the wrong because he’s worried about his health and his right to do what activities he want to do. It’s his life. Last time I checked, I thought they (S.Korean’s companies) got rid of slave contracts, so what’s the problem with Kris trying to fight his way out of his contract? Again, Tao is right on so many levels, but he cannot tell anybody who he think is right or wrong.

This is my two cents on their thoughts (whether it’s SM’s or not) on Kris’ “betrayal”. Again, Kris fighting!



2 thoughts on “EXO’s Members’ Tao and Suho Speaks on Kris’ Nullifying Contract

  1. veephan22 says:

    Wait do you know why Suho is on stage by himself at Mcountdown???
    And i agree with you completely! Im so saddened by it!!

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