U Kiss Introduce New Member Joon!

Ladies over the age 18, please refrain from falling for the new member of U-Kiss. Check out the seventh member of U-Kiss!

U-KISS_1400144230_af_orgWe have a new baby in the group after the previous baby, Dongho, left the group in October. There’s not much news to provide on the new member, but that:

  • his name is Joon
  • he was born in 1997
  • stands at ~6’1″ (185cm) tall
  • and the “he’s described as a talented performer who can sing and dance.”

Seriously, not much. One thing for sure is that he’ll be making his debut along side the rest of U-Kiss in June for their comeback. Unfortunately, AJ will not be able to promote with them this comeback around because he’s finishing his semester at Columbia University.

What do you guys think of the new member?


9 thoughts on “U Kiss Introduce New Member Joon!

  1. i won’t pass judgement over his age but i guess i’ll form my opinion of him when i see him perform… but at a quick glance he reminded me of Hyun-Seung from Beast…

  2. Nyasha says:

    Let’s see how he performs first but so far, some fans already like him.

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