Infinite Releases ‘Last Romeo’ MV and ‘Season 2’ Album!

Infinite is back with a softer, but dramatic image, with “Last Romeo”. Even more so dramatic than “Destiny”, and they exploded in that MV, so did this comeback live up to it? Well, they still have explosives in this MV, so you have to check it out.

INFINITE_1399822823_af_orgI love Infinite with all my heart, seriously they’re my second bias group after B.A.P, but this comeback didn’t do it for me. Sorry to start off this post like this, but it didn’t. The MV teaser got me hyped, but it felt like I got cheated from a song that could have been great. Infinite is a great group and they’ve impressed me before with this type of concept, so I was confused on why this song wasn’t on Infinite’s level. Jeez, this sounds like my reaction video, but I’m just so dumbfounded by this song to where I have to say it again. This song is not better than “Destiny” and I didn’t like that song as much as “The Chaser”, so this paints a picture on how I feel about this song even more. You guys check out the MV and see if we agree, ok?

My Reaction

Season 2

Season 2

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Light (Sunggyu’s Solo)

Alone (Infinite H)


A Person Like Me


Going Crazy (Infinite F)

눈을 감으면 (Woohyun’s Solo)


What do you guys think of the album?

One thought on “Infinite Releases ‘Last Romeo’ MV and ‘Season 2’ Album!

  1. Aimee says:

    I haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but I really liked Last Romeo. It’s quite different from their previous releases yet still has that “Infinite” sound. I’ve listened to it a few times now and am loving it more and more.

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