[UPDATE] VIXX Releases Teaser Photos of ‘Eternity’ + MV Teaser of ‘Eternity’

A clock ticking backwards on their website? If you’re not excited about that then hopefully, these teaser photos will excite you. New wallpaper alert!

[Updated] VIXX released the MV teaser for “Eternity” and it may take a couple of time to get it, so check it out!

VIXX_1400631615_af_orgVIXX always excites me when they comeback with something…different. We saw it for “Hyde” and “Voodoo Doll” and it’s no different for “Eternity”. A counter-clockwise ticking clock? (Say that three times.) Who thinks of something like that? VIXX has a creative team…a creepy, but interesting creative thinking team. Though, I feel as if I need to talk to their stylist because some members in VIXX’s hair style,*cough cough* Ravi’s and Hyuk’s hair *cough cough*, is on another level here. I feel as if they like to experiment on Ravi’s hair with these secondary colors. Yes, break out your elementary art books! First, it was orange and now it’s purple. I’m waiting for green, ok? I’m gonna call it in a future comeback for VIXX. If they’re going to continue with this creative route with their comebacks then it might happen. Until the MV teaser is released, just stare at these photos or the backward ticking clock. They’ll be back with “Eternity” on May 27th!

VIXX_1400514177_af_org VIXX_1400514372_VIXX1 VIXX_1400514372_VIXX2 VIXX_1400514373_VIXX3 VIXX_1400514376_VIXX4 VIXX_1400514377_VIXX5





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