B.A.P to Comeback With ‘Where Are You? What Are You Doing?’ in June!

B.A.P is coming back….again, but with a softer side, even more softer than “1004 (Angel)”. Come get the details on B.A.P’s comeback.

BAP_1401157459_af_orgYou know, I haven’t posted any news on B.A.P for a while now and it is because they’re on their world tour (also because I’m upset with them for the time being…not really), but this is some exciting news! B.A.P were hinting something on their Twitter account, but fans were confused by the tweets until TS responded that it was a “game”. Of course everybody thought their tweets meant a comeback, but we were skeptical because, like I said, they’re on a world tour. How in the h…eck are they going to release, and promote, a song when they’re in a different country? That’s what we were thinking, but of course B.A.P have to be special and are having a comeback.

tumblr_m8zcbq4itL1r2anpfAs I said in the abstract, it’s not the usual hardcore image that B.A.P are prone to release, and some speculate that this track is a stepping stone to their actual comeback, but who knows what style B.A.P will release. You would think that they would comeback with a hardcore image since “1004” was their last release because that’s the normal pattern with male idol groups in K-pop, but again, B.A.P is abnormal.

The track, “Where Are You? What Are You Doing?”, and their mini album will be released on June 5th.

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