[UPDATE] All Members of Boyfriend Open Twitter Accounts and Releasing Teaser Pictures for Comeback!

What a way to gain followers on Twitter then by posting teaser pictures on their new account? Get their twitter account names and right click and save their photos!

Boyfriend_1400255990_af_orgAs a good market major would say, this is a good idea. Unfortunately, I’m not a marketing major nor do I know any market majors, so I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do think it’s a good idea. I’m just surprise that they’re JUST joining Twitter now. Hello, that should have been done ages ago, but then again it’s a great idea to gain followers. I mean they all average out 15K followers so far and that’s only four members. Great idea. That’s right, two members don’t have a twitter account yet, thus do not have teaser pictures released for those two members. Well, as we wait to the last two, check out the members’ teaser pictures and go follow them! (Click on their photos to go to their twitter accounts!)

Minwoo_1401205895_jungmin Minwoo_1401205895_minwoo Minwoo_1401205895_youngmin Minwoo-Boyfriend-Jeongmin-Minwoo-Minwoo_1401205889_af_org



Boyfriend-Donghyun--Hyunseong-_1401286549_af_org Hyunseong-_1401286553_hyunseong


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