Taeyang Releases Teaser Pictures and MV Teaser for ‘RISE’

It’s not WINNER that’s debuting this month, but Taeyang who’s returning with a new single “RISE”. If you didn’t have enough shirtless pictures of Taeyang, well you’re about to get some more WITH a MV teaser!

Big-Bang-Taeyang_1401037736_af_orgTaeyang is doing too much to my soul, and apparently to my non-Kpop friends’ souls, when he released “RINGA LINGA,” so I’m extremely excited for “RISE”. Not for the shirtless pictures that YG is releasing for this comeback, never, but because it looks exciting. I mean he looks like he’s participating in an illegal underground fight club for some cash…right? There’s literally no arguing with this hypothesis because that’s the picture he’s painting with his teaser video. I can’t wait to see if I’m right, but if I’m wrong…oh well, I’m seeing a shirtless Taeyang.  Taeyang will be back on the 2nd of June!



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