U-KISS Reveals Teaser Picture for ‘Mono Scandal’ Mini Album

Mono Scandal? Hm, one scandal? All I can say that the teaser picture is scandalous, so check it out! P.S. It has the new member in it!


I wonder how they’ll do with this comeback, I mean “Mono Scandal” sounds interesting. Well anything with scandal in it sounds interesting, take a look at ABC’s hit show “Scandal”. I’m too addicted to that show and I hope some of my readers are, too, so that we can chat about it! Hopefully, U-KISS’ MV, and song, won’t be that scandalous as “Scandal”. My heart won’t be able to bear it. Their comany, NH Media, had a few words for their comeback. Here’s what they said:

“As much as this is the sixth year since their debut, they will show unprecedented music that is different from that of idol groups. The MV is by the director Lee Duk Hee of the movie ‘Changsoo’ (‘Tumbleweed’).”

tumblr_m7w48dStJi1qa4uc1o1_500Uh NH Media, the fans will be the judge on whether their song will be different from other idol groups. I just don’t like it when companies say things like this because sometime, for me, it doesn’t live up to their statement’s expectations. Hopefully, this comeback will get them a win, but taken how Taeyang is releasing his music on the SAME day…I just don’t know.


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