Teen Top to Comeback in July

Teen Top we gone rock it pop it…I forgot the rest, but Teen Top is coming back in July! Come get the dets on their comeback.
130219_TEENTOP_sunsunsun-600x376I owe a lot to Teen Top. If you guys don’t know, I won a chance to meet B.A.P by dancing to their song “Miss Right”. I didn’t dance well (I sucked actually), but it was for effort instead of the execution of the dance. So, I’m exciting to learn the dance for this comeback…that is if it’s a upbeat song with hard choreo. Their last comeback was “Rocking”, so I’m expecting a mellow sound coming from them this comeback, but I hope I’m wrong. I love their upbeat songs. Their company said a few words regarding, and confirming, their comeback. Here’s what they said:

“TEEN TOP have officially gone into album recording. They’ll make a comeback this July. The title track hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, so I can’t answer that.”

So, not much information on their comeback, but it’s something…I guess. I hate waiting, but until more information comes, we have to wait.



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