U-KISS Releases 19+ MV Teaser for ‘Mono Scandal’ Mini Album!

I told you. I told you. I told you. You can’t have scandal in anything without something….scandalous. 19+ scandalous. Come out the new mature side of U-KISS.

U-KISS_1401157446_af_orgI’m telling you, I’m not all that surprise that U-KISS will release a rated 19 MV, (well, maybe not since it’s a trend to release 19+ MV teasers, but not MVs), but c’mon they have scandal in their album title? You have to associate something sensual or provocative to the word scandal. Sorry, blame ABC’s Scandal, okay? Though, I feel as if the music didn’t completely match the teaser. I’m not saying it in a bad way, but the dancing and the music didn’t match. I think, like the teaser, it’s to keep you guessing what they’ll do. I’m in that mind frame right now, aren’t you? I’ve seen a couple of U-KISS’ MVs and I’m anticipating how they’ll tackle the sexy concept. They’ll do fine I bet, I mean look at the teaser below. Seriously, watch it.




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