Boyfriend Releases MV Teaser for ‘Obsession’

So, you have to check out this teaser because they’re trying to catch Peter Pan. No lie and for you book readers an awesome book case. Come!

Boyfriend_1400255990_af_orgI know. I know. They’re really not trying to catch Peter Pan, and it’s some type of symbolism that connects with the girl, but I think it’s funny that they have a wanted sign of Peter Pan. You guys don’t think it’s funny? Maybe I have an odd sense of humor, but I really like the route they’re going. I feel as if “Obsession” is an early 2000’s hip hop track. I’m going to stick with I feel because these teasers have been misleading lately *cough cough* Infinite, but judging by the clothes they’re wearing, I’m not too far off. Question: Can we say no to fake tattoos? Please? I might do a separate opinion post on fake tattoos in K-pop MVs, but seriously Boyfriend can play this badass part without them. Welp, check out the teaser before I go in on the tats!


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