ZE:A Releases MV Teaser for ‘Breathe’ from ‘First Homme’ Mini Album

ZE:A putting their actor-dols to work in this MV teaser. Check out their end of the world teaser for ‘Breathe’.


Guys, I think I’m going to be a fan of ZE:A, I guess I should wait until AFTER the MV drops, but this MV AND song looks…sounds promising. ZE:A is like U-KISS to me. They’re underrated with good songs. I first noticed them with “Ghost of Wind”, which I liked on the first listen by the way, and I was surprise that it didn’t win them a trophy at one of the music shows. I mean their song was an OST to *insert popular movie* trailer, so somebody must have liked it to do that, yeah I know that’s not necessarily true, but c’mon! I can’t wait to for this to drop! They’ll be coming back on June the 2nd. The same day as Tae…yang. Dang it, but I can’t wait!


Album Preview

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