B2ST Releases Group Teaser for Comeback + Dongwoon’s and Yoseob’s Spoiler Video!

A spoiler video and a group teaser! B2st is really getting ready for this comeback! Get the new hint for their comeback and, for some, a new wallpaper.


B2ST is coming back, but I seriously don’t know what concept they’re doing. This picture is confusing me to no ends. I told myself that I wouldn’t comment on black and white outfits this year until 5 groups did it, but B2st is a different story. The black and white outfits are fine, but what in the world are they wearing? Again, I’m confused. It’s like SHINee, but emo. I really hope it’s fits with their concept because I’m sooo confused. The only outfit I can deal with, since it hot on him, is Doojoon. Good job stylist! Back to my confusion, at least there’s another spoiler video to help me out…sorta.

Basically what they’re talking, according to AllKpop translations, is:

This one features Dongwoon and Yoseob, talking sagely about 3 and 4 leaf clovers. Dongwoon points out that the 3-leaf clover means happiness while 4-leaf clovers mean good luck. He sagely says that people are buried in happiness but can’t see it, and instead they spend all their time looking for luck.

Are you guys just as confused as I am or do you get their hints for the upcoming comeback? If you do, help me out!


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