B.A.P Releases ‘Where Are You? What Are You Doing?’ MV

B.A.P title track is still a mouth full to say and type even after a week. You have to, well not have to, but must see the new B.A.P having fun in London. It’s a must…even though I’m ify with the track.BAP_1401157459_af_org

That’s right I said it. I’m not fully in love with this comeback, and it’s not because B.A.P are doing a different style, but (as I said many times) I don’t like concepts like these.  Cute concepts. I’m not about to throw away my dislike of cute concepts because it’s B.A.P, no, so hope people won’t say to me that I’m not a real fan for not liking this song. If you do…just don’t because you’ll get embarrass real quick. I did my reaction video on it, so anticipate that because it’s still B.A.P and I love those guys, but also you’ll get a detailed reason on why I don’t like it. As you all wait for my reaction, check out the MV and their other track “Definitely Today”!

My Reaction

Definitely Today

What do you guys think of the cute side of B.A.P?

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