R&B Songs from the 90’s Meant for K-pop Idols!

Let’s get a blast from the past, but add some present to it. I rounded up some 90’s songs that K-pop idols should cover. Come check it out.

I’m glad that I’m doing a post like this. It’s like I’m connecting K-pop with music I’ve heard when growing up and it’s also a connection to my readers! For some…this may be something new to you, and a bit sexual, but for others you might be reliving your childhood. Come check out the list.

Pony- Ginuwine –> Taeyang


I just really think that Taeyang can cover any Ginuwine song there is, but Pony is a cover I really want to see from Taeyang. He recently released a MV with his shirt off, so doing a cover with an unbuttoned shirt with some grinding shouldn’t be hard for him to do. This song may be a bit too much in K-pop, but after U-KISS’s comeback, I hope to see this cover from him.

Tha Crossroad- Bone Thugs N Harmony –> Ulala Session


I chose this song for obvious reasons. Ulala Session may not be a hip hop/R&B group, but this song is a must for them to cover. It may take a lot of work because  Bone Thugs N Harmony speed raps in this song, but again, it’s a must. This MV is just so symbolic, but it may be hard to connect with some folks because it’s mostly focused in urban areas, but that shouldn’t matter.

Where My Girls At?- 702 –> Girls Generation


I originally picked this song for 2NE1, but I feel as if this song fits with Girls Generation the most. This song is about bucking up to another girl (a catfight if will) for some odd reason (a boy most likely). This is a concept I want Girls Generation to do in K-pop to be honest, which is why I want them to do this cover, also they have a lot a members to beat the crap out of whoever they have beef with. (Not starting nothing here, but remember I suggested this song to 2ne1, so yeah…)

All My Life- K-Ci and JoJo –>B.A.P’s Daehyun & Youngjae


This is a power vocal song and we have to be honest that Daehyun has a very powerful voice that fits this song, but you have to have Youngjae to duet with him to even it out. Daehyun has that rocker voice, but have Youngjae to do it with him (the R&B vocalist) then it should even it out. I just want them to do this cover for next year’s Live On Earth. We heard their cover for “I believe I Can Fly”, so I think they can level up to this song.

No Scrubs- TLC –> 2NE1


I chose this song for 2NE1 for an obvious reason. TLC is a badass group. 2NE1 is a badass group. TLC makes empowering songs. 2NE1 makes empowering songs. I think they should have songs like these in K-pop because it says that you shouldn’t settle for less and I believe that 2NE1 is the group to bring this message into K-pop.

Fantasy- Mariah Carey –> IU


IU and Mariah Carey had the same image when they debut. Whenever IU gets married and get a divorce then we may see a totally different (sexy) IU like we saw with Mariah Carey. People may not want that, but you never know. “Fantasy” is a power vocal song and I could have picked Ailee for this song, but she didn’t fit the image like IU. I believe IU can hold her own when she sings and I want to see a Mariah Carey cover. This song may not be widely known around the world, but this is a great song for IU.

You Make Me Wanna- Usher –>B.A.P’s Jongup or Infinite’s Hoya


What do I need to say about this? Seriously, what do I need to say about this? This song is meant for these two whether you like it or not. This shouldn’t even be a debate, okay? Old school Usher is the best Usher there is, no diss to the new Usher, but c’mon. You’ll fall head over heels for the old Usher and sad that you missed that era. Let’ Hoya and Jongup relive that era with this cover, okay? Make it happen K-pop God!

I Believe I Can Fly- R.Kelly –> B.A.P Yongguk


I know Daehyun and Youngjae have already did this song for LOE 2013, and some may think Bang is not meant for this song, but a cover doesn’t mean sing it EXACTLY like the artist. I chose this song because it has a message to it and Bang is all about giving encouraging messages. You know, Yongguk can rap the shit out of this song or add a rap part to the song and duet with Daehyun or Youngjae or…or he can sing it himself. He can sing, even though it may not be at the level of Daehyun or Youngjae, but he can still sing and I want him to sing it.

What do you guys think of my suggestions? Give me some suggestions! Any 90 songs!




2 thoughts on “R&B Songs from the 90’s Meant for K-pop Idols!

  1. SueMarue says:

    Oh my gawd! You are seriously in my head! How did you know? This is a brilliant topic and one I have thought about so much because I love me some ’90s R&B and New Jack! Wow. Takes me back to some good times!
    You are spot on with all of your choices! Especially DaeJae singing “All My Life” and Hoya or Jongup dancing anything early Usher. It just HAS to happen!
    If you allow me, I would add a few more:
    Spica doing En Vogue’s “My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)” because their voices can pull it off.
    GOT7 doing Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” just cause I wanna see those boys dance!
    B.A.P or Bangtan Boys doing Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” with Yongguk or RapMon doing the Dr. Dre rap and Zelo or Suga doing the Queen Pen rap (and Daehyun or Jimin hitting those high notes!). Aagh!
    And finally, D.O. and Baekhyun doing Blackstreet’s “Don’t Leave Me” just cause that’s my favorite song of all time and those boys did Teddy Riley justice with their own “What Is Love.”
    Whew. Sorry so wordy. Told you I’d been thinking about this already! 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ve been thinking about doing this type of post for awhile now, but finally decided to actually do it. That took a lot of motivation believe it or not. I really like your suggestions. I couldn’t find a song that would fit B.A.P as a whole, or any K-pop hip hop groups for that matter, but you found one and that’s a great song. Thanks for liking this post!

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