[UPDATED] Taeyang Releases ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ MV + My Reaction Video

Thank you countdown timer for not doing your job! I had a day to mentally prepare myself and I’m ready. The question is: are you? Check out the shirtless Taeyang singing in front of an explosive billboard! Come!


Timers are no good for me. Seriously, YG can’t you just release the MV at 12pm like other companies do? Please. Well, there’s no use to complain about it. It’s time to see if I’m right with my hypothesis. I’m usually wrong with guessing the meaning of the MV, but I feel as if I will be right with this one. My hypothesis was that Taeyang is involved with an underground fighting organization. That’s it. Simple right? Well, let’s find out together if I’m right!

My Reaction

Dang, I was wrong. Hopefully, my hypothesis fits with one of the other two MVs because I was way off . What do you think of the MV?

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