B2ST Pre-Releases ‘No More’ MV

Beastagram? It’ll become a thing…if Instagram decides to shut down. That won’t be happening any time soon, so let’s enjoy that four minute of Beastagram in “No More”.


This is a creative MV, can I just say that? An Instagram themed MV? K-pop fan or not, that’s an interesting themed and would be a hit among non K-pop fans. Heck even they (non K-pop fans) would love the song, too. I told you all that this song would be good and I’m glad I was right. I had a huge expectation for this song after hearing the audio preview because with that beat you cannot (and should not) go wrong. There’s literally nothing else to say about this song or MV beside that it was good, I mean I can go on about Instagram couples, but I feel as if I have some readers who might be Instagram couples. So, check out the MV that’s topping the charts!

My Reaction


4 thoughts on “B2ST Pre-Releases ‘No More’ MV

  1. vanillabeankpop says:

    Omg I thought he had cheated on her, until I read the translation. I really like this song!

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