Psy Releases ‘Hangover’ Featuring Snoop Dogg

Pure craziness in this MV I’ll tell ya.  Snoop Dogg experiencing the South Korean culture is a site to see. Come be among the 19 million viewers of “Hangover”!


I cannot with Snoop Dogg because he was on another level. He was on his usual level which is still a level that is pure craziness. I totally mean that in a good way because you cannot go wrong with a crazy Snoop Dogg…just as long as you are not tied up with the crazy Snoop Dogg. He will get you banned from countries. As you can see, I’m going on and on about Snoop Dogg and I have not once mentioned Psy. You wanna know why? I feel as if this MV was surrounded by Snoop Dogg. It was like Snoop Dogg featuring Psy instead of the other way around. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you because I like this song. It’s better than “Gentlemen”, but it will not surpass or go viral as “Gangnam Style”. I won’t go deep into details on how I feel about the song because that’s in my reaction video, but I feel as if this song was meant for the western market. This is not Korean despite the MV be influenced by the Korean culture, I mean the MV is mostly in English, so that’s why I think he’s releasing another song after this comeback. Anyways, check out the MV if you haven’t already and if you did…check it out again because it is hilarious.

My Reaction!


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