Taeyang Releases Second MV ‘1AM’!

Taeyang is hitting it harder in the second MV than in the first. I would say literally, but that would be perverted of me. Come check out Taeyang in a bed with a girl in “1AM”. The feels man!


I’m totally in love with Taeyang’s new MV. The fact that I already love the song, “1AM,” and to add a great video to the song, it was a guaranteed hit for me. It didn’t even need to have a bed scene in the MV to make me like it, but it wasn’t really a bed scene to me. I think Jay Park’s “Welcome” is just unbeatable right now when it comes to bed scenes in a K-pop MV. Also, I don’t think YG would have allowed it…no matter how much freedom his artists have. You know what? I’m wrong again with my prediction of the MV, but who cares I have one more MV to go to see if I’m right. As we wait for that MV, check out “1AM,” and my reaction should be up tomorrow, okay? Until next time!

My Reaction


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