B2ST Release Two Spoiler Videos for ‘Good Luck’

Two clips in the same day revealing bits and pieces of their official comeback? Don’t mind if I do! Let’s find out some more hints on their comeback.

After that amazing pre-release of “No More”, they’re releasing two spoiler videos today. I still cannot wrap mind around the fact that THEY are the ones who’s releasing spoilers and not fans guessing what the heck their comeback concept will be about. That’s something and their comeback, as I said before…I think, is going to be amazing. Let’s see what they have to tell us.

Um, peace? Peace out. Peace as in world peace…peace? Peace as in you’re leaving peace? Lord, this isn’t really a spoiler for me. Even if it doesn’t mean peace, but V, I still don’t understand. Onward to the next one because maybe that video will clear things up for me.

So, the melody that JunHyung was playing on the piano is what the song will sound like in “Good Luck”? I would say so since DooJoon was hindering him from playing it. DooJoon sit down and let him play because I’m still confused. I feel as if there’s more to the beat, or melody, to “Good Luck” than what JunHyung is playing right now. I guess I’ll be patiently waiting for their comeback.

Are you guys understanding the hints that B2ST are releasing?


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