Winner Releases Debut Teaser for ‘The Visitor’

Blessed be! Winner is up next to debut from YG! Can we say finally? Come check out the long awaited teaser from Winner!

yang-hyun-suk-winner_1397564202_af_orgThank you, YG! Thank you! *Gives around of applause* We are finally able to see Winner debut and you know what? We’ve waited five months for this debut. I’m really excited for this debut because this will literally be my first time listening to them. I couldn’t bear to look at their survival reality program, “Who’s Next?” because that’s just cruel. I already wrote about that mess because, to me, it was mess. There was no point of the show taken how Team B is getting their own reality show and is in talks to debut, so what was the whole point of the show? The public’s attention? I don’t know, but let’s forget all of that, and check out the teaser. We’ve waited long enough for it.


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