B2ST Releases Yoseob and Kikwang’s Individual MV Teaser for ‘Good Luck’

We’re getting six individual teasers here for “Good Luck” and it’s not the good luck you think it is, too. Come check out how serious the term ‘good luck’ is to B2ST.


Wow, you know I thought the term good luck was associated with something good, but with B2ST that’s not the case. The only time you would say good luck to somebody, and have the emotion that Yoseob and Kikwang portrayed, is when you’ve broken up with somebody and you’re kind of upset with them. Judging by the teasers that’s what it looks like and boy do they look hurt by this woman. Kikwang turning into a stalker while Yoseob looks as if he wants to grab this girl by her hair. You probably don’t believe me about Yoseob, but be the judge of it yourself. Check out the teasers.

The MV drops the 16th of June and it’s not coming fast enough!


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