B2ST Releases DooJoon and Dongwoon’s Individual Teaser for ‘Good Luck’

Time for the handsome duo of the group to shine and be prepared they’re telling us a story with these two teasers. You have to check them out. Bed scene alert!

B2ST_1402117942_af_orgI just saw the teasers and boy did I gasped after looking at them. Lord have mercy on my soul. With Yoseob and Kikwang’s teaser, I got the feeling that they’re upset with the girl, but I didn’t know why. Today teasers explained it all…I think. My hypothesis: cheating. In Doojoon’s teaser (which came out first) we saw the girl in bed with somebody then in Dongwoon’s teaser he was sitting at the edge of the bed!!!!!!!! It’s that serious. Wow, I was blindsided. Of course I had to be different and look at Dongwoon’s teaser before DooJoon’s, but either why it goes you’re going to be shock. Just look at it. I kind of gave everything away, but I had to release how I feel about this. I just cannot with B2ST right now.


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