B2ST Releases JunHyung and Hyunseung’s Individual Teaser for ‘Good Luck’

The final two members’ individual teasers are out and can we say plot twist? As in murder…plot twist? Yeah, it’s getting real as if yesterday’s teasers weren’t real enough.

B2ST_1402117942_af_orgI cannot with B2ST. I think I’ve said that ever since they were releasing the spoiler videos for this comeback, but these individual teasers are taking it to a whole other level of the I can’ts with B2ST. A good story is about to be release and I can’t wait to see it. I hope the song will be as good as the video because the way the teasers are right now, I will most likely focus on the video more so than the music. I’m not saying that the song sounds bad from what I heard in the teasers, but the video looks real interesting right now.

In today’s teaser we see Hyunseung putting the heels back onto the girl’s feet. Uh, why? The look on his face and the way he says, “Good Luck,” tells us that he doesn’t like her, so why do that for her? Question: why does she even need to have heels on when she’s in bed? Sorry, a pet peeve.

Junhyung’s teaser is the climax for me, and that’s saying something, since both Doojoon’s and Dongwoon’s teasers were surprising. I mean a girl just stabbed Junhyung at the Last Supper setting and it wasn’t (I don’t think) the same girl that B2ST are stalking and sleeping with. Those girls in the room was plotting something, but I don’t know why Junhyung was stabbed. I’m confused, but hopefully all that will be revealed in the MV.

Are you guys excited for this MV?


One thought on “B2ST Releases JunHyung and Hyunseung’s Individual Teaser for ‘Good Luck’

  1. huisin says:

    yes i’m totally excited for this!!! by right now is 9.35pm means i have to wait for 2 hours more !!!!

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