[TEST WEEK MASTER POST] Winner Releases Photos for Test Week + New York Test Week

So, we’re waiting again? Welp, let’s fangirl and die out over the photos YG will be releasing for Winner! It’s updated with the New York test week photos and will be continuously updated. 

zLH91fj6As I said, this is a master post of Winner’s Test Week. I don’t know why YG is playing right now by prolonging Winner’s debut with this test week thing, but I don’t like it. Everything YG is doing with Winner since the reality show, I don’t like. Yay for public exposure, but nay for not debuting them in a timely matter. Yes, I know YG is known for trolling, but he’s trolling too much with Winner. If they’re coming back in July, do you think that YG will push back their debut since JYJ is coming back? Hey, just asking. Anyways, here’s today photos for test week.




winner_1402963425_20140617_winner1 winner_1402963425_20140617_winner2 winner_1402963426_20140617_winner3 winner_1402963427_20140617_winner4 winner_1402963427_20140617_winner5 winner_1402963470_af_org



winner_1403049789_af_org winner_1403049973_20140618_winner1 winner_1403049974_20140618_winner2 winner_1403049975_20140618_winner3 winner_1403049976_20140618_winner4 winner_1403049977_20140618_winner5



winner_1403136266_af_org winner_1403136285_20140619_winner1 winner_1403136286_20140619_winner2 winner_1403136287_20140619_winner3 winner_1403136288_20140619_winner4



winner_1403222917_af_org winner_1403223014_20140620_winner1 winner_1403223016_20140620_winner2 winner_1403223018_20140620_winner3 winner_1403223021_20140620_winner4 winner_1403223023_20140620_winner5


winner_1403537339_af_org winner_1403537415_winner1 winner_1403537417_winner2 winner_1403537420_winner3 winner_1403537422_winner4

[Second Day]

nam-tae-hyun_1403622713_winner1 nam-tae-hyun_1403622714_winner2 nam-tae-hyun_1403622714_winner3 nam-tae-hyun_1403622715_winner4 winner_1403622568_af_org

[Third Day–Mino]

winner_1403709116_af_org winner_1403710966_mino1 winner_1403710967_mino2 winner_1403710968_mino3 winner_1403711026_ino4



lee-seung-hoon-winner_1403795355_af_org winner_1403795361_seunghoon1 winner_1403795361_seunghoon2 winner_1403795362_seunghoon3 winner_1403795363_seunghoon4 kang-seung-yoon-winner_1403881780_af_org winner_1403881798_20140627_winner1 winner_1403881803_20140627_winner2 (2) winner_1403881803_20140627_winner2 winner_1403881807_20140627_winner3 winner_1403881810_20140627_winner4 winner_1403881813_20140627_winner5 winner_1403881815_20140627_winner6 winner_1403881817_20140627_winner7 winner_1403881819_20140627_winner8


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