Got7 Releases Individual Teaser Photo and Story of JB for Comeback!

Got7 is preparing themselves for another comeback this year and it’s getting personal. Come check out JB’s story and teaser picture!


This is getting interesting now. Winner is coming back…sometime soon and so is Got7. To sum it up it’s YG’s rookies vs JYP’s rookies and I feel like it’s going to be good, but we’re dealing with YG here, so Winner and Got7  might not be competing with each other. Anyway, let’s get off that subject before people start blaming me for starting something. I need this comeback from Got7 because “Girls Girls Girls” didn’t do it for me and it didn’t live up to the hype that surrounds Got7, so this is a well deserved comeback in my book. I think I recognized them as a good dance crew more so than a idol group. I really hope that this comeback will grab me and make me say, “Yeah, that’s the Got7 I was waiting for.” That’s my mindset going into this comeback.


Their album will be released the 23rd of June, are you guys ready for it?


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