Got7 Releases MV Teaser for ‘A’ and Mark’s Individual Teaser Photo and Story!

It’s like a double feature today! Let’s get a look at Mark’s story and the funky MV Teaser for “A”!


I don’t know, but idol groups (or their companies) are getting creative on how they’re releasing teasers for their comebacks. I won’t say it started with Beast when they were spoiling us fans with multiple teasers for “Good Luck”, but their comeback is fresh on my mind right now. We’re also seeing it with Winner and now Got7. I love it, but it’s getting a bit too close on how SM released EXO’s teasers for their debut. It worked, so I guess that’s why they’re doing it (not quite, but close), but I just want the dang song right now. It’s like Christmas and how your parents already bought you the gifts, but you can’t open it until Christmas day. That’s what it feels like to me. Just release it already! I’m complaining, aren’t I? I’ll stop! Check out Mark’s story and the MV teaser for “A”. *Don’t get me started on the title because like…how did I know.*



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