[BREAKING] EXO’s Baekhyun and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon Confirmed to be Dating! Word?

Word….word?! How did this come to be? Who released the photo that made SM confirm the relationship and what exactly did SM say? All that here and some much needed opinions.

EXO-Baekhyun-Girls-Generation-Taeyeon_1403151181_af_orgWhat in the hell is going on? I’m sorry, but this news literally woke me up from my sleep to where I need to blog about it. This is SOOOOO left field with me. This is so left field that even EXO’s sasaengs didn’t know about it and that’s crazy. If the Kris ordeal wasn’t enough media exposure for EXO then this (look below) should do it.


What’s Going On?

What happened was that ‘Dispatch’ was doing their jobs at being a tabloid journalists…that’s what happened. Anyway, ‘Dispatch’ claimed that Baekhyun and Taeyeon have been dating in “utmost secrecy” for about four months. Four freaking months! Apparently, Dispatch was stalking hanging outside of EXO’s practicing building when they first spotted the two together. They speculate that Taeyeon was there to provide “moral support for the exhausted Baekhyun, who had to spend nights practicing due to the group’s redoing of their choreography and recording with Kris’s lawsuit.” After that Taeyeon and Baekyeon have been visiting each other near their dorms to have car dates. They had one before EXO’s first concert on the 26th and one before Girl’s Generation departure to Japan on the 28th.

My Views 

tumblr_m6gi4hpTS71qjx62bBefore I even get into SM Entertainment’s statement, which is a complete recycled statement from EVERY company who’s idols have been caught dating, allow me to understand what the hell is going on so far.  ‘Dispatch’ claimed that they’ve been dating for four months, so why are the proof of them actually together so recent? The 26th and 28th of May? The redoing of the choreography and recording because of Kris’ lawsuit? That’s really recent, so where’s the proof of them being together four months? I don’t think that’s concrete evidence enough to mention it without proof. As I said before, the sasaengs of EXO didn’t even know about them dating, so I do believe that they’ve recently (as in May recently) got together because four months is a bit much for a member of EXO to date in secrecy. Obviously, this is my opinion, but this is too huge for it to go on for four months with the fanbase EXO has. Period.

SM’s Statement


“Having started off as close sunbae-hoobae, the two recently developed feelings for each other and are in the beginning stages.”

There you go. That’s SM’s statement. I feel as if they had to confirm the relationship because, hello, ‘Dispatch’ has a photo of them kissing. They have multiple photos of them in the car together…alone in the middle of nowhere. SM HAD to confirm it because if they had not, they would have been calling the public stupid. Nobody wants to be called stupid, okay?

My Views Pt 2


Yes, it’s that serious people. This is where my conspiracy theorist mind activate. Look at the photo above real quick. Did ya do it? Okay, why in the world would Taeyeon have her drop top down when they are ‘supposedly’ on a date? I’m confused, is it or is it not a secret relationship? Taeyeon, I think tabloid journalists already have your car model and license plate memorized, so it’s not that difficult for them to know who’s pair A is in the relationship. But you could have did a better job of protecting Baekhyun of being exposed as pair B if you were careful. Yes, it’s a lot more than the drop top issues, like Baekhyun control your brightness level on your phone, but seriously you are already on the map. Tabloid journalists are digging to expose another member of Girl’s Generation love life, and then you have EXO who are in the news because of Kris’ lawsuit. Both groups are under a microscope and this was messy, so it makes me wonder if this was done on purpose. I would rather think that then them being…stupid. It’s their right to date, and they should be able to do it publicly, but jeez they should have came out into the public if they were going to get caught like this. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m just going to stop right here. I’m happy for the new couple because now they can publicly date…or do what they’ve been doing all along. What do you think of the sudden relationship?

3 thoughts on “[BREAKING] EXO’s Baekhyun and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon Confirmed to be Dating! Word?

  1. Maybe they just wanted to get caught after being sick to hide it any longer. All those secret dates must probably be annoying and by all that job related stress the one that comes with hiding is once to much. Dating should be happy thing not painful. It may have its own charm in the beginning when no one know and people are guessing but everything has its limit.

    • I understand, but I think if they had admitted to their relationship up front then they wouldn’t have gotten AS MUCH backlash as they’re getting now. That’s why some people are upset with them because they were playing around hinting stuff on Instagram and not saying anything about it. I’m saying it’s OK for them to date openly, but they should have did it another way.

  2. abana says:

    Pwahahaha!!!!! This is sooo thrilling, exciting, shocking and pathetic at the same time!!! OMG!!!! I just read that they broke up!!!! Congrats for the fans and i’m sooo sorry for u Baekhyun!!!! 0_^

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