Girls Generation’s Taeyeon Speaks on Dating Baekhyun on…Instagram

Taeyeon uses Instagram to apologize? You better believe it. Find out what she told her fans.


I just want to comment on the photo real quick. Aww, that’s a really cute comparison photo of them. I’m so serious! It’s really cute. Now, onward to her apology. Here’s what she said:

SONEs.  Because of me, you were very shocked and hurt today, right?  I am really sorry for making you feel things you should not have had to feel and the article that came out today because I was not more careful.  I really want to apologize.  I’m really sorry for hurting you.

tumblr_m9oqc2hntc1r2anpf I feel like you would feel many different things like great disappointment, anger, hatred, frustration, and dejection.  I can accept all of that and I want to apologize because, it might just be me thinking this way, but you must have liked, trusted, and supported me as well as put effort and strength just as much.

gdI feel like no matter what I say right now, it could all be perceived differently.  I’m not trying to explain myself, but rather I want to speak to you in the hopes that you would stop hurting at least one day earlier.  I did not post these with that intention at all, but most of the people on Instagram…  ‘I had fun putting up blatant pictures on Instagram.  I mocked the fans.’  I felt like there were a lot of people who were thinking this way, so I wanted to get my words in; that was not my intention or goal at all…

My Views

tumblr_lddr1oKiX91qbzxwtOk, the gifs aren’t for Taeyeon. I feel as if she had to apologize, but I don’t think she should have went into detail in her apology. It’s like she’s apologizing for being in a relationship. No…just no. It’s normal to be in a relationship no matter if you are an idol or not. It shouldn’t be a crime to date someone. If the Sones are hurt then they shouldn’t be your fan. Period. I think that’s my real concern out of this whole apology. The only thing that should have been said was the first paragraph because, yes, she was not careful…at all in the “secret dating” ordeal. I said that in the last post because it was extremely messy.

Taeyeon, good job for apologizing, but people will still have their views on your relationship. That will not change until the fans THEMSELVES decides whether or not the relationship will “hurt” them or not. Go on and date with ya bad self, okay Taeyeon? You have Baekhyun, they don’t. You’re in a relationship, maybe they aren’t. Sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings, but



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