Got7 Releases ‘A’ MV and Mini Album ‘Got♡’

The things Got7 did at the supermarket are crazy. Kick out the market crazy, but it’s for a girl, so it’s acceptable? I don’t know, but come check out this GPS themed MV!

got7_1402888757_af_orgI’m going to call it a GPS themed MV because ‘A’? You’re getting this girl’s attention by saying ‘A’. Yeah, no. Call me whatever names you want, but I don’t think you want to be hit on like that, well I hope not.  Another reason why I’m calling it a GPS themed MV because of the the teaser, but enough about all of this, check out the MV! Please wait for the reaction video, my niece wants do some reactions with me, but she goes to summer school to earn some cash during the day. So, please wait patiently for that, okay?


U Got Me

A (FRANTS Remix)

A (TOYO Remix)

A (`collapsedone` Remix)

Forever Young

Good Tonight

나쁜 짓

What do you think of the mini album?


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