f(x)’s Hints Comeback with a Creepy Teaser Photo from Krystal

Halloween is coming 3 months early for f(x)’s new comeback. Come check out a possessed Krystal.

fx-Krystal_1403831897_af_orgAll I can say is wow. This picture just increase my anticipation for f(x)’s comeback by like a lot. f(x)’s album “Pink Tape” was freaking awesome, I mean I liked other tracks on the album more so than their title track, but overall awesome. I really hope that this title track will be better than their last title track. You know…it have to be better because of that this teaser photo. It’s like a rule….that I made up a few seconds ago.

Looking at the other teaser photos below, it looks like Krystal is living a double life or something. Are you guys are getting misunderstood when coming up with an adjective describe this comeback themed? Or hidden dark side or something? That’s what I’m getting, but we’ll be seeing more of f(x) in the upcoming week since they’ll be back with a full length album on the 7th of July. That’s around the corner, so stay tune for it!

Krystal_1403841974_krystal Krystal_1403841976_krystal1 Krystal_1403841977_krystal2 Krystal_1403841977_krystal3


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