Nu’Est Releases Baekho’s, Aron’s, and JR’s Teasers Photos for Re:BIRTH

In case you missed it, Nu’Est is coming back and with (what I conclude) a mature image. Check out Aron’s abs, Baekho chilling in a hot tub, and JR looking at his reflection. Confused? I am too, but awesome pictures! 


Nu’Est showing their abs this comeback around? Word? I’m not too involved with Nu’Est, but that’s a first for me. Even though their company didn’t say it, but I think they’re coming back with a mature image. Ren waking up in bed, Aron showing his abs, Baekho chilling inside (fully clothed) a hot tub, and now JR looking at his reflection. I don’t know what’s going on, as always, but I think it’s mature. These teaser photos have a completely different vibe than the photo above. So, I wonder what exactly is going on. Are you guys taking a jab at what their concept may be? If so, tell me or else I’ll be confuse forever, okay? Now, saves these photos on your hard drive!


NUEST-Baekho_1403708598_af_org NUEST-JR_1403795012_af_org



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