f(x)’s Sulli’s Teaser Photos Revealed for ‘Red Light’

SM is known for confusing teaser photos and Sulli’s teasers for “Red Light” are no different. Come check out Sulli posing in random locations in Seoul.


I think I make myself confuse when trying to figure out what concept idol groups make when they come back. You would think it’ll be something simple since majority of idols talk about the same thing, which is falling in love, being in love, or breaking up, but f(x)’s comeback seems a bit different. f(x) have some women empowering songs in “Pink Tape”, which is why I believe this comeback goes hand and hand with a powerful message. I mean just look at the teaser photos. Yes, it looks like she’ll hunt the shit out of the people who posted Dynamic Duo’s Choiza’s wallet content on the internet, but she is portraying two different characters to me. One character that appears to have everything together and the other character appears as if she’s going through some stuff. That’s what I’m getting. Even though Krystal’s and Sulli’s teaser photos are different, I’m still sticking with misunderstood for the theme for this comeback. You know, I’ll be upset, not really, if the song is about love or breaking up. Well, that’s my take on Sulli’s photos. “Red Light” will be released the 7th of July.

Sulli_1403917406_sulli Sulli_1403921377_sulli1 Sulli_1403925339_sulli2 Sulli_1403928303_sulli3 Sulli_1403932441_sulli4


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