f(x)’s Victoria’s and Luna’s Teaser Photos Revealed for ‘Red Light’

Is your hard drive full of f(x)’s teaser photos for “Red Light”? No, well I have Luna’s and Victoria’s photos to put a dent into your computer’s memory. Check  it out!

fx-red-light-cap-inkigayof(x) what are you guys doing? They’re going above and beyond with these teaser photos, I mean it’s like EXO with the MV teasers, so SM is putting a lot into this comeback. Did I not mention the their album “Pink Tape” was awesome? It was awesome worldwide to where Billboard wrote an article about their album, so I believe SM is hyping everybody up with these teaser photos. I don’t have a problem with it, well my computer begs to differ, but what exactly are they teasing? Everybody teaser only has one thing in common…it’s dark, but other than that it’s random member to member. Again, it makes me wonder what the heck the song is about because they’re on another level with these teaser photos. If this page is still loading, I’m sorry, but check out these teaser photos!


fx-Victoria_1404000298_af_org Victoria_1404005832_140629_victoria_002 Victoria_1404007459_20140628_victoria_teaser3 Victoria_1404011327_20140628_vic_4 Victoria_1404014770_140629_victoria_005 Victoria_1404018235_140629_victoria_006 Victoria_1404021689_140629_victoria_007 Victoria_1404025517_140629_victoria_008 Victoria_1404029226_victoria Victoria_1404046892_20140628_vic_9 Victoria_1404046893_20140628_vic_10 Victoria_1404046893_20140628_vic_11 Victoria_1404046894_20140628_vic_12


fx_1404086645_af_org fx_1404090076_LUNA_002 fx_1404093743_20140629_luna_3 fx_1404097297_20140629_luna_4 fx_1404101024_20140630_luna_5 fx_1404105851_l_06


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