f(x)’s Amber’s Teaser Photos for ‘Red Light’ Revealed + Group Photos + MV Teaser!

A lot of pluses in that title, but I have a lot to show you guys if you haven’t already see the new releases of “Red Light”. Check it out!


I’m just going to say it now,  but I like Amber’s teaser photos the best. You kind of get the best of both worlds with Amber’s teaser photos this comeback around. Some fans like boyish Amber, but some fans want her to dress like a girl. Well people, here you have it. Seriously, I don’t think future comeback photos will ever triumph the photos here in this post. Yes, I said it. Anyway, I’ll post the MV teaser before Amber’s teaser photos and I don’t have much to say about it, but that some religious people may be upset if they set a Bible on fire. Just saying.

Amber_1404176447_20140630_amber_2 Amber_1404180067_20140630_amber_3 Amber_1404183669_20140630_amber_4 Amber_1404187480_20140630_amber_5 Amber_1404190876_20140701_amber_6 Amber_1404196358_20140701_amber Amber_1404198195_20140701_fxamber_12am Amber_1404202041_20140701_fxamber_1am fx-Amber_1404172898_af_org iWJbOde wDnowh4 YaBGSmH


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