B1A4 Releases Trailer for ‘Solo Day’

A lot of information I need to share on B1A4’s comeback. Track list, trailer, teaser photos, etc, so come get the dets on the fast approaching comeback of B1A4.

b1a4B1A4 has been on my list to explore deeper ever since “What’s Happening?” came out in 2012. I love their comeback after that, which was “Lonely”, I play both those song respectfully because both tracks are GREAT title tracks. Their company (or they themselves) pick really good tracks to promote. Though, they did come into a bit of a controversy with their company buying back their album (so they, the Korean journalists, said), so hopefully something like this won’t happen in this comeback around. But, let me inform you on what you miss.

Track List


  1.  Solo Day
  2.  What does that make me? (What do I become?)
  3.  It’s Going Well
  4.  A Cup of Water
  5.  Drive
  6.  You (feat. Sunmi)

Teaser Photos

B1A4-Baro_1404487867_af_org B1A4-CNU_1404399762_af_org B1A4-Gongchan_1404585640_af_org B1A4-Sandeul_1404318458_af_org ryBOsO2

Solo Day Trailer

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