Nu’Est Releases MV Teaser for ‘Judgement’

That’s a powerful title with some powerful choreography and powerful backup dancers. Did I mention that it was a minute long teaser? Yes, click and check out this teaser!

NUEST-JR-Baekho-Minhyun-Ren-Aron_1403881299_af_orgCan I just say “wow”? Please? There’s literally nothing else to say about this teaser. It’s a completely different Nu’Est then who we saw in their last comeback “Sleep talking” last year. That’s a good thing in my book since I didn’t like that song. Nu’Est is changing it up and I hope that it’s good. With backup dancers lifting you in the air and releasing an one minute teaser (freaking one minute) then their comeback must be good. No pressure, Nu’Est, but I’m expecting a lot with this comeback! What do you guys think about the teaser? *P.S. The album highlight medley is below the teaser if you haven’t heard the preview of the album that’ll be release on the 9th of July!*


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