WINNER Releases Videos for ‘WINNER Week’

Oh…no MV teasers? Oh well, at least it some videos of WINNER, right? Take a look and don’t get upset at the date on the last video. That’s my warning to you all.

winner_1404139676_af_orgYG…I’m getting sick of your mess. Seriously, when are these boys going to debut? Please, let me know a legit date because this should have happened in February not in “August”. I’m going to keep that in quotes because that month might change. Don’t let me go on, but if you haven’t kept up with “WINNER Week” this week, here’s all six videos of…WINNER.

Well, what do you guys think of the teaser movies? Does it make up for their delayed debut? We’ll see more of WINNER in a month…August 1st to be exact.


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