B.A.P’s Yongguk Goes On Twitter Rant!

Uh oh, something is wrong if Yongguk went to his twitter to say something. What did he say? How are fans, and non-fans, reacting to his tweets? Is he throwing shade at a group? All that here with my opinions.

BAP-Bang-Yong-Guk-Himchan_1375229235_af_orgGuys, I haven’t written an opinionated B.A.P post in a while now and I need to blog about the recent situation with my husband bias, Bang Yongguk. One of the reasons why I love Yongguk is because he loves his music. He wants to do what he wants to do as a rapper in the industry. Yongguk made it clear yesterday that he wants to do what he wants to do. Check out the trans. Credit to tsbabyz for doing this.

My Reaction

Kevin Hart

Now, when I first saw the tweets, I thought he was intoxicated because this is something unusual for Bang to rant about on Twitter. Well, the topic isn’t unusual since it’s about rap, but what is is that he took it to Twitter. Bang is a very private person, so he keeps his feelings to himself. He mentions it a lot when talking about himself in interviews, I mean check out some interviews, it’s pretty evident that he’s a introvert. He releases his feeling through music. Remember “Excuse Me” from the Badman, yeah nuff said.

I won’t try to read in between the lines on Yongguk’s tweets because there’s nothing to read in between, but I wonder what made him so upset to make him tweet that. Intoxicated or not, he was really upset then the last tweet made me want to hug him. Something was really wrong with him and I hope he’s okay.



People think that Yongguk is throwing shade at Alphabat. Word? Really? Why would he throw shade at Alphabat? Why do you think it’s Alphabat? If people think he’s throwing shade at Alphabat, but didn’t mention them in the tweets at all, then you guys think that Alphabat’s rapping sucks. Period. This happened when they released “Excuse Me” when people thought they were talking about BTS (Bangtan Boys), but didn’t mention them. People just want to start stuff and it’s making me mad. Don’t assume nothing because you’re making an ass out of yourself by doing that. I WILL NOT argue against stupidity, ok? Not tonight at least. This is my husband bias, so I will eventually argue with someone about this. It’s inevitable.

Final Words

tumblr_m9oqdo8XnF1r2anpfPeople, he already deleted his tweets, so he must have realized what he said yesterday. We don’t need to remind him of HIS thoughts. We don’t need to judge him for making those tweets. We shouldn’t even be assuming if he’s talking about a specific group. We shouldn’t be doing those things and we sure enough shouldn’t be posting comments that people are making in this article. It’s really insensitive to criticize Bang on his real feelings about how he view something that he loves dearly. So, again, don’t do it.

Phew, I just threw this together, but I wanted to say something. One more thing, Yongguk Fighting!!!!!



6 thoughts on “B.A.P’s Yongguk Goes On Twitter Rant!

  1. sifuhallyu says:

    I’m sick of da da da raps too. He didn’t say anything wrong in my opinion.

  2. She says:

    Reblogged this on Strawberry Room and commented:
    it must be hard for you, no?

  3. She says:

    Hi! I’m sorry but i hope you dont mind that i reblogged this entry. And i feel so bad, i’ve been following b.a.p since very beginning yet i didnt know yongguk posted those tweets, thank you for letting me find your blog here.

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