[UPDATED]SM Reveals Henry’s Teaser Clip for ‘Fantastic’ + MV Teaser + Highlight Medley for the Album!

Henry is up next to release something from SM and it’s gonna be “fantastic”! Come get the details on Henry’s comeback and check out the teaser clip, MV teaser, and highlight medley of the album!

henry_1404750728_20140707_HenryYou guys know that I’m lame at times, more so than I care to admit, so I had to be lame in the into. But, I’m so glad that Henry is coming back. Out of all the releases last year from SM, Henry’s album was the best. So much so that I was so tempted to buy the album, (that’s rare for me since I only buy B.A.P’s albums), but I didn’t do it. Maybe Henry will force me to buy his album this time around with his comeback with “Fantastic”. He’ll pre-release the title track on the 13th and the mini album the following day. Are you guys excited? I am after seeing that teaser, check it out!!!




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